Our business is built upon the foundation of our expert staff. The company of 32 consists of 4 directors, an Estimating Department, Quantity Surveying Department, as well as an Administration and Procurement Department.

The site managers, their respective site supervisors and drivers form the hands-on backbone of the company.

Leading them is our dynamic and well-balanced management team, who command a high level of motivation and dedication from their skilled workforce.

During our 50 years experience we have managed to build a trusted relationship with our installers, currently nurturing a partnership with our key installer for over 10 years now. This ensures the realisation of the group’s uncompromising attitude towards quality and service, including its growing commitment to Africa.

Geographic Footprint

South Africa
Dracon Contractors South Africa [PTY] Ltd
A B – BEE registered company

KRR Ceilings and Partitions LTD – A fully registered Nigerian company that completed the Ikeja Shopping Mall in Lagos

Dracon / Just Aluminium Joint Venture LTD – A fully registered Zambian company with a Zambian partner. Together we have completed the Levy Business Park which consists of a hotel, offices and a shopping centre.


Dracon Ghana Ceilings and Partitions LTD  - A Ghanaian company currently in the process of being registered to take up the opportunity of doing works in Ghana.